OSKAR Restaurant is located in the old part of Dorcol, near Kalemegdan, just 150 meters from the Belgrade Zoo.
Twenty-year old family tradition of preparing dishes of national, international and Mediterranean cuisine makes it the right choice for those who appreciate the best in food and drink as well as the cozy ambience of the restaurant.
We can recommend: venison stew, goat meat, veal ribs under the bell, horse steak, frog leg drumsticks, freshwater and saltwater fish, cream of nettle soup or cream of porcini mushroom soup.

Only the best for our guests!




Our offer is based on a variety of homemade traditional dishes, such as veal meat prepared according to the family recipes, or dishes with horse and goat meat, variety of seafood sallads, frog leg drumsticks as well as excellent choice of river and sea fish.
Our menu is enriched with everyday offerings of vide variety of soups (nettle, boletus, fish, veal and homemade), roast meat, grilled meat, fresh sallads and desserts. Our wine list is very rich, with special offers of wine from former Yougoslavia regions. The restaurant is recognisable for its pleasant atmosphere, suitable for family and business lunches as well as celebrations.



Restaurant Oskar

Braće Baruh 6 / Belgrade

suroskar@yahoo.com // 011/2184 726


Working time

Workdays: 09-23h

Weekends: 12-20h